abbashare, the new way to share your apps

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What is it

abbashare is a tool for developers to deploy android, ios (AdHoc and InHouse) and uwp (universal windows platform) app directly to the devices of developers.

You can runtime change the privacy of the sharing, there are three possibilities: public, disable or at your team.

android vs ios vs uwp (universal windows app)

Simply to start

Log with you dropbox account.

To start, simply drag&drop your ipa, apk or appx into the relative field

Set the privacy (the default is public), copy the link and share it at your friend or developers.

Open this link on a mobile device.

See the tutorial video on youtube at the top of this page.

drag&drop technology, simply to use

Storage, speed and technologies

We use dropbox storage to save your apps. You can delete anytime this files.

Always up to date. PHP7, Zend3, Beanstalkd, and more, union with dropbox's power to ensure maximum performance.

zend framework, the core of abbashare

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abbashare is an opensource project, you can check or contribute if you want on github.

On stackshare you can look the infrastructure services of abbashare

sharksoft, mario buonomo, on github

stack of abbashare on stackshare